Being busy.
Is it, just me, or does it seem like like went from a, steady, 60 mph, to a fast lane of 80+ mph? I am all for speed, do not get me wrong. I love it when life happens, quickly. But the spring madness has started, so, quickly this year. Between new softball team practices, additional dance classes, and lots of exciting events (hello, UMD basketball Terps) it seems like we are on the go, all the time at my house.There some events we would want to make sure, no one, misses, this spring.

1) UMD Terps Women’s Basketball – Ranked #1! Tonight they take on #8 Princeton in the second round of the 2015 NCAA Championship at the Xfinity Center. You can get tickets, as low as $10, to see them in action.

2) Takoma Park Porch Festival is April 14-16. Not to be missed! See Takoma Park and enjoy, live, music. What a fun way to see Takoma Park.

3) National Cherry Blossom Festival. A D.C. highlight! Runs March 20-April 12; enjoy the parade on April 11.

4) National Pillow Fight Day!