Go Brent Team is proud to be on the forefront of the local scene, serving our neighbors in this wonderfully diverse and interesting community. We’ve been working here for almost two decades now and we’ve forged strong and long-lasting relationships with other nearby friends, helpers, and businesspeople. Check out our Community Partners page featuring a few of the dependable locals we count on to keep things running smoothly. Are you ready to spruce things up or take care of needed repairs in 2018? Our page is a good starting place if you’ve got a “honey-do” list that needs attention, need a paint color consult, are planning a home renovation or garden make-over,  or just looking for someone nearby who’s reliable. And remember, if you are looking for expert advice on the real estate market, reach out to Go Brent Team. Of course, we work with buyers and sellers, but we also offer homeowners free consultations. We can discuss topics ranging from home renovations to mortgage refinancing to selling vs. renting and more. Need info on a free consult? Click here!