February 26th, 2014. 

I am not sure why so many Mid-Atlantic grown ups are complaining about the weather. Their kids are not. The kids love the snow. School delays (ok, today MCPS may have missed a good opportunity for a delayed start), sledding, cocoa, lots of movies, etc.

It is FEBRUARY, people. If you want to complain about the weather, save it for March.  March is never a good month in DC, either, so prepare yourself. March is wet, gray, muddy, ugly. February is cold but it is white and it is predictable.

I grew up with a February birthday. Born in DC, in the middle of a terrible snowstorm, my birthday wreaks havoc. Birthday parties have been cancelled  (though, the 3 foot tunnels we built in the storm of 1976 were awesome, so it did not matter) and so have many of my planned vacations (thanks snowstorm 2 weeks ago). It happens. It IS February, after all.

I have heard many cries for SPRING. I yearn for it, as well. But Spring leads to allergies, cleaning, and packed weekend schedules.

Revel in FEBRUARY. It is the last of the winter (we hope). There is an end in sight.

I took a walk with my dog today in the Northwest Branch, as I do most days, in lieu of a “lunch break”. We walked, quietly on the trails with the sun shining on us at 1 pm. Not a soul in sight, we had the world to ourselves. Quiet, peaceful, and perfect. Untouched snow crunching under our feet. I can’t find it in myself to complain.

I love February.