One of Go Brent’s strongest and most enduring local partnerships has been with Markham Movers, a family run and operated business started over 30 years ago by Papa Richard. His son Shaun joined him in 1993 and they’ve handled all Go Brents’s moving and staging for about 15 years. Brawny enough to move you and all your possessions from here to there, they also possess a deft touch, making them a favorite among shop owners in Kensington’s Antique Row. They serve residential and commercial clients, and offer personalized moving and packing services, too. Whether you’re moving across the country or across the street, you can rely on these guys to get you there in one piece.

Richard and Shaun are die-hard Redskins fans and can often be found on game days munching on pizza and quaffing a beer or two at the Corner Pub.

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