It’s a special time of year! Azaleas are out, the heat and A/C are off, and windows are open. That’s means…It’s dehumidifier time!

Yes, we need to talk dehumidifiers people. Not as exciting as the azaleas in bloom or the savings in your utility bills, but a very important topic nonetheless. We’ve had a lot of rain, and even if you’ve been lucky and haven’t had any water seepage, you can bet you’ve got a higher level of moisture in the lower level than most times of year. Unless you’ve got a basement that is mostly above ground and there is no moisture intrusion at all (meaning you keep your gutters clean, the downspouts are extended and there is good positive grade around the foundation), you’ve got a breeding ground for moisture and mold. Some dehumidifiers fill up every day until the air dries out some.

So first step – get a dehumidifier! Next step, address any moisture concerns. Need help or advice?  Contact us: or 301.565.2523.