Come join our FREE seminar on Financing Your Future Home!

When: Wednesday March 29th, 4:00-5:00 pm

Where: Go Brent Realty
914 Silver Spring Ave #103
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Who: YOU and your gal pals, along with:
Go Brent’s Erica Rojek
Prosperity Home Mortgage’s Mary Jacobik and
Orange Jalapeños Finance’s Maddie Orange

Are you a single woman wondering if you can buy a home even though…

  • You’re a one-income household?
  • Have student loans, a car loan, and medical and credit debt?
  • You don’t have enough cash for a down payment?
  • You’re not awash in generational wealth?

The answer is: ABSOLUTELY. But you need a plan.
Join us to understand how to finance your first or next home on your terms. We’ll demystify the homebuying and selling process for you, including:

  • Exactly how credit score, student loans, and other debt affect what you can afford (it might not be how you think!)
  • What mortgage lenders are looking for
  • Down payment options (it’s not just 20% down!)
  • How and where to save your money for future down payments
  • Any other homebuying mysteries on your mind!

Our seminar is designed to provide single women with the tools to take control of their financial future. There is no cost or obligation, so join us for our seminar and invest in yourself and your future!

~There will be absolutely no spammy sales pitches – we hate those. Good convo and free swag only! ~

All are welcome!

Single Women’s Seminar Finance Your Future Home