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Protecting Your Basement

It’s a special time of year! Azaleas are out, the heat and A/C are off, and windows are open. That’s means…It’s dehumidifier time!

Yes, we need to talk dehumidifiers people. Not as exciting as the azaleas in bloom or the savings in your utility bills, but a very important topic nonetheless. We’ve had a lot of rain, and even if you’ve been lucky and haven’t had any water seepage, you can bet you’ve got a higher level of moisture in the lower level than most times of year. Unless you’ve got a basement that is mostly above ground and there is no moisture intrusion at all (meaning you keep your gutters clean, the downspouts are extended and there is good positive grade around the foundation), you’ve got a breeding ground for moisture and mold. Some dehumidifiers fill up every day until the air dries out some.

So first step – get a dehumidifier! Next step, address any moisture concerns. Need help or advice?  Contact us: info@GoBrentTeam.com or 301.565.2523.

Calling Silver Spring’s Incoming Kindergarteners!

So right now at this very minute, it’s snowing. And the last thing you’re likely thinking about is your incoming Kindergartener starting school next fall. Really, we are all just desperately trying to hold it together until Spring Break. Our thoughts are drifting to the end of this school year, summer camps, the pool, the beach. But wait! Montgomery County Public Schools have Kindergarten Orientation Programs scheduled for this April and May (and yes despite the snowy day, April is just a week away).

Children who will turn 5 years old on or before September 1, 2014 are eligible for Kindergarten during the 2014-2015 school year. Don’t miss your chance to attend orientation with your kindergartner; the orientation program is designed to help parents enroll children and assist students in becoming acquainted with future friends and the school environment. You can call your home school to make an appointment for orientation. You can also obtain more information by visiting Montgomery County Public Schools website.

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The Neighborhoods of Silver Spring, MD

Silver Spring has Sprung!  Silver Spring, MD is the perfect balance of urban and suburban lifestyles.  This suburb, considered to be the first of Washington, DC,  has undergone a significant renaissance adding new residential, retail, office, and entertainment venues.  Silver Spring provides an abundance of diverse restaurant choices, arts and cultural activities, Rock Creek and Sligo Creek parks as well as being home to major employers such as the FDA, Discovery Communications, and NOAA.  Downtown Silver Spring is also home to the Fillmore concert venue and the American Film Institute’s Silver Theater. Visit downtown Silver Spring to shop at the open air farmer’s market or practice your “triple toe loop” at the ice skating rink, or enjoy a free concert or attend the Silver Spring Jazz Festival in the summer.

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