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Go Brent Agent Spotlight: Liz Brent

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After living in the Seven Oaks neighborhood for over 23 years and working in many local neighborhoods, Liz Brent knows Silver Spring inside and out. From parks to coffee shops, Liz shares some of her favorite go-to spots in the community. If you want to keep up with Liz, follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

What’s the best breakfast or brunch spot in town?

Fenton Cafe for crepes and Italian coffee! 

Get active! Are there any good hikes or bike trails in the area?

Sligo Creek is the best; I really love living close to it. Walking, jogging, and biking – I do it all. I’ve also started walking several days a week to the Go Brent office too.

Caffeine Rush: What’s your favorite coffee spot?

We are lucky to have great options for independent coffee shops but Kaldi’s is right next door to our office, so that’s my go-to!

Have a sweet tooth? What’s the best bakery in town?

I’ll go with caramels – Velatis.

What are fun weekend activities to do in the neighborhood?

Ice skating in the fall and winter! Walk to Ertters for a popsicle! An Ertters popsicle run was a regular after-dinner thing when my 3 kids were young.  It got them out of the house, we saw friends and neighbors along the way and there was an inexpensive treat at the end.  

Favorite Farmer’s Markets?

I’m lucky to be just 3 blocks from the SS Farmer’s Market.  

Are there any cool historical spots worth visiting?

Many! One that’s less well known is the tiny Battleground National Cemetery on Georgia Avenue in Brightwood. It was commissioned by President Lincoln for Union soldiers who fought at Fort Stevens. I’m an old cemetery fan.  

What’s your favorite park to take the kids and/or pets to or just take a stroll in?

My Ridgeback Tess is a regular at Ellsworth Urban Dog Park or we head over and walk at Sligo Creek.  When my kids were young, we hung out at either “The Sunny Park”, on Ellsworth or “The Shady Park” by the creek on Bennington. 

A Silver Spring Dog’s Life

ellsworth dog park.existiong.

I recently heard that Montgomery County Parks and Planning will hold a hearing on April 24  for a proposed DOG PARK in an underutilized section of ELLSWORTH PARK in downtown Silver Spring. The park would be a great addition to the dog-loving Silver Spring community of which I now count Dave and myself to be proud members.

Dave and I had never had a dog during our 20 plus years together, working schedules did not allow it, and frankly, I didn’t really want a dog. My young nephew, Robert, once said “Aunt Debbie, at least you could get a goldfish!” I replied, “too much responsibility.” But when my working schedule changed about 2 years ago, I decided, why not get a dog, and we (meaning me) decided we (me) wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. My thought was go to Craigslist and get a dog….Not So Fast! I quickly learned there are emails, conversations, waiting lists, forms, deposits and questionnaires to prove your worthiness to purchase a puppy. ARGH! We got through it, named our 9-week old puppy “Winston” after my sister’s first boyfriend. (Not really, we named him after Winston Churchill due to his English roots, but my sister’s first boyfriend was named Winston.)

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