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A Slice of Life with Cari Jordan

I love to read the interview questions at the back of Vanity Fair magazine and watch Inside the Actor’s Studio, listening to James Lipton ask his series of, predictable, questions to the actor being interviewed. Though I really wanted to learn her favorite curse word, I am convinced my first interviewee does not have one.

While you all were scrambling to gather your tax documents and get to the post office, I sat in a tiny chair across a tiny table from my friend and co-owner of The Little Gym of Silver Spring (TLGSS), Jasmine Kuzner. Jasmine was in a little chair, too (if you visit TLGSS, you will see that much of the furniture is kid-sized to accommodate their clientele). With a gaggle of kids bouncing, flipping, and having a fantastic time in the glass-enclosed room behind us, (and Katy Perry’s “Roar” on the sound system) I took my first crack at: “Slice of Life – Top 10 Interview Questions.”

#1 – How did you land in this area?

“My sister lived here, in Silver Spring, with her husband. We were tired of driving (commuting). We knew we did not know, exactly, what we wanted in our first home but we knew we didn’t want to be in our cars all the time.”

#2 – What inspires you, locally?

“I hate to give a predictable answer to this one, but I am inspired by the diversity of Silver Spring. I love how we can have a neighborhood BBQ and there are all different kinds of people who come. “

#3 – What is the restaurant that makes you feel most “at home”?

“It’s a tie. The Parkway Deli is a favorite because it has a great pickle bar and eggplant fries. It has great people watching and the consistency of the food and staff is great. We have, also, been hanging out at Pacci’s a lot lately. Great food.”

#4 – What are you listening to “these days”?

Jasmine Selfie

“At home, we are listening to a lot of the “Frozen” soundtrack. If I can turn off “Frozen” at home, I am a pop music fan. Much to my husband’s dismay.“

 #5 – What is your favorite type/genre of book to read?

“It’s a boring answer. I will read everything and anything but my favorite is literary fiction. It is what I went to school to study. There are a lot of great writers around here.”

#6 – Aside from food, water, and shelter, what is the one thing you would not be able to live without?

“I’ve got three things I can’t live without- my husband and kids.”

#7 – What is your secret to having a successful business?

“It’s really is the staff. We (my sisters and co-owners, Amanda Abeya & Lani Abeya-Barnabas) have hand picked every member of the staff at TLGSS. We take our time interviewing because we are going to trust these staff members with our TLGSS families.”

#8 – What is the best-kept local area secret that you want people to know about?

“The little places you can go and get great dishes. One example is Santucci’s Deli in the Woodmoor Shopping Center. They have amazing frozen pastas and, of course, a fantastic Italian sub. The Woodmoor bakery has great pastries. Tropical Ice Cream on Georgia Ave has Guinness Ice Cream that is to die for. To work out, I’ve found some awesome local trainers: Lenore Baker, Amy Langevin and Shannon Stoughton.”

 #9 – Situation, it’s a gorgeous day and you have the day off. Tell me about the ideal schedule for the day.

“I would go get my nails done. I like Kebana. Then I would work in my yard for a bit. To end my day, I would take a bike ride in Sligo Park along the path.”

#10 – What’s your favorite type of pie?

“Key Lime!”

Jasmine Kuzner, co-owner of The Little Gym of Silver Spring (TLGSS); co-owners with Amanda Abeya and Lani Abeya-Barnabas
Date of Interview: 4/15/2014
Location of Interview: TLGSS