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Free Consult Service

Go Brent Team agents offer free consults. We offer expert advice on a wide range of real estate topics. We can help whether you have specific real estate questions you need addressed right now or you simply are gathering information to make future decisions.

Many buyers want assistance deciding if the time is right to purchase a home. Sometimes buyers want to get a clear picture of what the home purchasing process entails or are simply gathering information on specific neighborhoods. Homeowners typically want to weigh options in terms of selling or renting. Many homeowners want assistance as they plan improvement projects; our services range from helping to pick paint colors or finishes to providing input on renovation or improvement projects. Whatever you need, Go Brent Team is happy to help!

How we can help

We offer a no pressure, low-key, informative, and discrete approach. Consults with Go Brent Team agents usually last an hour, and there is absolutely no charge. Since the majority of our business is done through word-of-mouth referrals, we simply ask that you pass along our contact information to anyone who is considering buying or selling.

We welcome all inquires – common consult topics include:

Selling and Preparation for Selling
Buying and Preparation for Buying
Selling vs. Renting
Buying vs. Renting
Moving vs. Renovating
Renovating vs. Over-Improving
Home Improvement Ideas
“Best Bang for the Buck” Renovations
What’s My Home Worth?

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Testimonial from Our Free Consult Service


[wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Preeya Gholkar and Vijay Ejantkar, Takoma Park”]

We obtained Liz Brent’s name from our list serve almost 3 years ago, and asked her to come out for a general evaluation to get an idea of what she might list our house for, as well as where we might get the most “bang for the buck” in terms of home improvement projects.[/wolf_testimonial_slide]