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10 Ways We Earn Your Business

Go Brent – Proven. Ready.

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1. We are Realists:
We know any agent can list your home in the multiple listing system or open doors for buyer showings. We know we need to earn your business.

2. We are Present: We work with people in all situations and with varying timelines. You don’t have to be a buyer or a seller to talk with us.

3. We Listen: We really want to hear everything that’s on your mind. Knowing your ultimate goal is important of course, but to advise you in the most complete way possible, we want to know much more. We know you will have many questions about the process and we are here to assist you figure out the answers.

4. We Connect: Prior to and throughout the transaction, you’ll need knowledgeable, caring professionals. With over twenty years of experience in the community, we’ve built relationships with partners you can trust to serve you well: hauler, cleaner, plumber, mover, window washer, general contractors, locksmith, landscaper, structural engineer, radon remediator. You name it, we got it.

5. We Dig In: We know how to prepare our clients to maximize every market opportunity. This means guiding you to be the most prepared, educated, and savvy buyer. It also means how we handle the presentation of a home for sale. We are well known for shaping the best product on the market which includes the option of having your home staged at no initial charge and no monthly rental fee.

6. We Leverage: We are confident, knowledgeable, and tenacious in negotiation. We have a firm grasp on the sales contract and we understand how to use every bit of leverage possible to our clients’ advantage.

7. We Communicate: We are easy to find and easy to reach. Our team members all live locally and work from our office in downtown Silver Spring. Our office staff is experienced, cross-trained, and dedicated.

8. We Guide: We’ve vetted the local industry leaders for you including lenders, home inspectors, and settlement companies/attorneys.

9. We Protect: If ever there is a time that you need advice that we cannot provide, we’ll refer you to a professional that can help you.

10. We Know: Every client and every situation is unique. We know there really is no standard buyer, seller, property, or transaction. We work with you in the way that is most effective for you.

Let us know how we can assist you — contact us to schedule a free consultation and let’s get started!