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Go Brent Agent Spotlight: Don Bunuan

Don Bunuan is a native Washingtonian and a 10-year Hyattsville resident. He spends lots of his free time shuttling kids to ballet and soccer but does love checking out local spots too. From Mt. Rainier to Hyattsville to Riverdale, here are a few of Don’s favorites!

Shortcake Bakery
Art Works Now
Maryland Meadworks

What are your go-to family-friendly spots in the area?

Arts Work Now – Fantastic non-profit featuring art classes and activities. Magruder Park – The heart of Hyattsville for families – lots of fields, city soccer league, tennis, playgrounds, baseball, and public pool.

What’s a great place to grab a bite?

Banana Blossom Bistro in Riverdale (Vietnamese) is a great recent addition with really good food. Chez Dior (homestyle Senegalese cooking) and Shagga Coffee (traditional Ethiopian), both on Route 1 in Hyattsville consistently get rave reviews for exceptional ethnic cuisine.

Local Brews/Distilleries. So many to choose from, but if you had to choose one: what’s your favorite go-to spot for a drink?

Maryland Meadworks, a very local neighborhood joint that features exceptional free music on weekends, as well as unique libations. Sangfroid Distillery, offers craft gin, brandy, and rye whiskey. And of course, Franklins!

Sangfroid Distillery
Banana Blossom Bistro
Magruder Park

What’s the best bakery in town? 

Shortcake Bakery, another locally owned Hyattsville small business, boasts fantastic baked treats.

What fun weekend activities do you enjoy? 

PG Pool – Amazing co-op pool in Mt. Rainier with non-stop summer activities, bands, social gatherings, swim team, and all-around great community pool.

Any other noteworthy places that you want to give a shout-out to? 

Town Center Market is the neighborhood social hub in Riverdale Park.  Excellent outdoor seating and the best beer and wine selection in the immediate area.