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Giving Back Boredom Busters via Silver Spring Cares

We are in the thick of summer with the new school year still a ways away – this means more time for the kids to be bored and restless while they wait for school to start. Silver Spring Cares put together a great list to fight this with 10 ways to get your kids involved in the local community this summer!

Read some below or head on over to their site to read the full list.

Welcome to the endless summer, Maryland! Where you’ll get 4,200 additional renditions of “I’m Bored!” Ok ok, school does start back September 4 but that seems really far away. So to help you reduce the “I’m Boreds” by 10, here are ten things your kids can do to help others this summer (with minimal supervision).

Host a food drive for Manna Food Center

Check out the Most Needed Foods list, make flyers, and let your neighbors know your kids will do porch pickup of food donations. Summer time is a lean time for food pantries so getting your neighborhood involved to bridge the summer food gap!

Paint Kindness Rocks inspired by Small Things Matter

Create kindness rocks to be abandoned and discovered by others as a Random Act of Kindness. Spread messages of love and kindness throughout your community!

Pick Up Litter on your Street for the Friends of Sligo Creek

Grab a trash bag and gloves and send your kids down your street to pick up the trash that gathers in the gutters. Trash gets washed to the creek from gutters so picking up trash along your street can help protect Sligo Creek!

Make Cards for our Senior Community Members through Silver Spring Village

Put your kids’ art skills to use and make beautiful drawings, colorings or cards to give to Silver Spring Village to distribute to their clients.

Clean out Closets for Mary’s Center

Two birds, one stone here, parents! Have your kids clean out their closets and toys and donate gently used things they no longer wear/play with to Mary’s Center for the families they serve.

Read Full List via Silver Spring Cares Blog