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Why Good Property Photography Matters

You’ve seen them and laughed – horrible real estate photos. Those really outlandish property photos will be featured on blogs and lists, but what about those photos that just look dark, are taken from the wrong angle, or look as if the real estate agent just didn’t care?

Bad Photography Examples

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Photographer in the Photo



Bad Angle Photo


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Sad Living Room Photo


According to the National Association of Realtor, 95% of all buyers actively looking to buy a home search via websites and almost 90% of all buyers use photos and virtual tours to gather information about homes in which they have interest.

So that means photos and virtual tours are extremely important. In most cases, they are the buyers FIRST IMPRESSION!

That’s why Go Brent Team agents walk with sellers through their own home to discuss how to prepare for photographs and ensure the house is photo and web ready. From de-personalizing to de-cluttering to furniture placement, our agents work to present your home at it’s very best – both for online and in-person visitors.

We work with professional photographers to draw floor plans, photograph rooms, and produce virtual tours. Sure, iPhones take great photos but we’re real estate agents, so we leave photography to the experts. We also accompany the photographers during the photo shoot to ensure they capture your home’s best features.

Check out our recent listings and you’ll see how amazing our clients’ homes look!

Thinking of selling and interested in talking to us about our marketing strategy, which includes top-notch photos? Contact us today!